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There are solutions and answers that worked perfectly in the past. Most of our success is based in those solutions and answers. So we love them. We have them in our tool-kit and use them. But one day, suddendly, we don't get success. Something is wrong. We don't know what's wrong...but we are sure that… Continue reading VUCA WORLD – MUNDO VUCA

Community - Comunidad, Family - Familia, Future - Futuro, Leadership - Liderazgo, Meaning - Sentido

Conversations with my daughters – Conversaciones con mis hijas

They are the most valuable and important thing in my life. They are source of infinite Joy for me and also for him, for us. We are still US due them. I mean, We are and will be always We since the reason of the existence of our WE are JOY and LOVE come… Continue reading Conversations with my daughters – Conversaciones con mis hijas

Change - Cambio, Joy - Alegría, Leadership - Liderazgo, Power of Now - Poder del ahora, Surrender - Soltar, Trust - Confianza

Surrender – “Solta”

Surrender...let it open to the new... let go old ways to think letting life ocurrs as it come.... Soltar....dejar ir...estar abierto a lo nuevo... dejar ir las antiguas maneras de pensar dejando que la vida ocurra como viene... Surrender....Solta!