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Toastmasters: Possibility / Posibilidad

In march 2012 I presented this word in our bi-weekly Toastmaster meeting: POSSIBILITY In my view possibility is something that hasn't exist yet, when we create a possibility we bring something new into existence, something that has never been done before...and that's the power of possibility. Possibility expand the world where we live in, and… Continue reading Toastmasters: Possibility / Posibilidad

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Toastmasters : Collaboration – Colaboración

This was my second speech at Toastmasters. All the concepts inspired in John Stepper's work. COLLABORATION: Why? Por qué? The world changed. We live now in a VUCA world: VOLATIL UNCERTAIN COMPLEX AMBIGUOS. This is impacting in our organizations, creating stress and suffering to employees and lose of competitive advantage to organizations. Por qué? El mundo… Continue reading Toastmasters : Collaboration – Colaboración